News: RUA-Stanford University

The 2019 NSF-Alliance of Research Exchange Retreat at Stanford. (Photo courtesy of Lourdes Andrade, taken by Michael Spencer)

Stanford supports alliance of universities in diversifying STEM postdocs

Published By/Date: Tianyu Fang on November 10, 2020

The California Alliance for Graduate Education and the Professoriate — an inter-university partnership, of which Stanford is a founding member, dedicated to helping underrepresented minority (URM) scholars advance their academic careers in STEM fields — is expanding into a nationwide consortium, as out-of-state institutions joined the coalition.

Stanford will support URM scholars in the alliance with professional development programs, in addition to academic exchange opportunities with eight other top institutions.

Minority faculty members constitute 26% of Stanford’s professoriate, according to the University’s 2019 Faculty Report. The percentage drops down to 6.9%, or a total of 156, for URM faculty members. The fractions in earth, natural sciences and medicine departments are even lower than the University-wide average.

The expanded nine-university partnership, now known as the Research University Alliance (RUA), will focus on supporting URM postdoctoral fellows transitioning into the professoriate, a career phase that often disadvantages underrepresented scholars, through research exchange, outreach opportunities and career advising.

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